Missions in Dominican


See a brief 10 sec video of our childrens & teens
church on the border with Haiti in Dominican Republic.

Here & a video of our evenings 99% of the time - click here


>>Reference letters from the Local Mayor, pastores, our pastor & leaders we have visited in different countries CLICK HERE .. with photos!

:::: C O M P A S S I O N..... What a beautiful and powerful gift from the Father!

::: During our labor, we faithfully followed as best we could, God's direction. Below are a small sample. The biggest and most important were the changed and touched lives God the Father did in those we reached out to.. Our dream is to build an orphanage in this land once the necessary fonds are provided.




Juan Santiago, Elias Piña. A 30 minutos en -> esa direccion, Haiti.
The village we lived for almost 9 yrs, Haiti is in that -> just 30 more minutes.

Nuestra finca ministerial. - Our ministry farm.


Part of what we would create from our crops. We have over 6 Guava trees.
We would make Guave paste and Juice.


Converted for one day our guest house into a dentist lab from Doctores visiting from the States.

One of those great great days. Everyday was like this for us
But to see finally a water tank (reserve) for this small community, huh
Thanks to retired Armed Forces Soldier Miguel for the donation.
Were inagurating it with the community here.



Vitico y Mercedes, su casa antes, there home before and below what God allowed us
to build for them out of Palm Tree wood. God used Carmelina for this gift! New mattress,
dining table, stove, chairs, gas tank, curtains.

We demolisted this one and place the new one (below) behind the old one
becuase it had better shade.


Below is how there old home was inside, there old bed/mattress (harsh reality)

There new interior


New mattress and frame with new sheets

part of the crop we would plant, here is corn. Maiz Nuestra produccion de maiz,
tambien tenemos mas que 100 aguacates, 25 matas de mango, mas de 2,500 bananas.
oregano, yuca, cereza, mapuei, mamon, naranja agria, limon, naranja, ñame, lechosa, frijoles,
guanabana, y mucho mas incluyendo hortalizas, como la fresa, lechuga, brocoli, tomate, cilantro.
Produjimos la papa criolla que se da en el clima frio de Colombia.

2006 delivering letters and donations from friends/partners to the Regino Family.


Camping with our youth, acampando con nuestra joventud. Todo es posible, solo hay que
hecharle ganas.. Amar el llamado... Y el Padre respaldara.

En camino al acampar. On the way to camping, on foot and mule 40 minutes.
Caminando, y cuando se podia con burro un viaje de 40 minutos