:: ABOUT - the founder, wife, son and our mission in Dominican Republic -

We love Jesus, and this was all birth in His heart. We said yes to this calling and purpose in our lives.

Jorge (George)
Degree in Computer Programming/Networks 1993
Experience with Software/Hardware, Web Design & Graphic Design
Last secular job at "The Childrens Psychiatric Center" now called "Institude for Child and Family Health"
Dr. Gonzalez was my supervisor. Before that at I worked at "United Cerebral Palsy"
recommendation letters (here)

Pastoring/missions..... - Intimate time with Jesus, number one in our lives, prayer, fasting, bible reading. If this is not done, i don't think we would survive so many years in a place like this. nightly groups (tuesdays and Wednesdays) taking those in need of medical help, following up with basically everyone Monthly trips to Santo Domingo (4hrs) to pick up.donations, visiting families including "La Tinaja" village up a mountain only reachable by foot, horse or.mule. Our childrens church is done each Sunday with an average of 50 to 60 kids. We feed them each Sunday.
Since 2004 we do not have a set salary, we live in faith. We are volunteers doing what we think is our life purpose here on Earth, loving others with His love, having Him shine, putting others to Him thats our passion.

Agriculture................. - make sure planting, cleaning, plowing, maintanance is done in property. Many times picks up a pic, shovel, mixes cement, etc.
Construction.............. - anytype of handyman work, electrical, flooring, construction, design, new construction, etc
Administrative............ - webpage update, newsletter updates, photo editing, video editing/publication following up with sponsors.
Missionary trips......... - Coordinate all trips, itinerary, cost, look for prices on materials or buildings being constructed, pick up visitors in Santo Domingo.

lic in Arts (University degree of S. America )

Pastoring/missions - same as Jorge, adding Sunday School, girls that need help in there home workprepare meals for Sunday morning, visiting families
Agriculture............. - flowers, paths, kitchen needs, supplies
Administrative ........- distribute and organize all donations such as medical, clothing, school supplies, etc
.................................gather children & families to turn in donations.. She also helps in minor nurse needs, mending scrapes, lit wooms,


Jorge below with Candito:



Vision: Feeding children, spiritually & physically.

Mission: To reach children & their families with the message of Jesus.
...................by having adult groups and sunday school. We deliver food that
...................is grown in our property to families.


A brief history of our mission. My wife and I felt the call to move to the missions field on June 2008. Since then our son Matthew was born on June 8, 2011. Our ministry owns land on the border with Haiti­ on the Dominican Republic side. This is were God called us to work with the poor & children and the local church..

This land has over 3,500 fruit, vegetable trees that feed families. This is our main mission feeding. We need your help in planting, breaking the land to prepare it for planting every 2 months. We have no machinery, its all done with shovel and pic. So a tractor trailer would be a huge blessing for this mission.

We encourage, and promote trips from folks in our country The US. Over 100 have made there way here from America. See our reference page to see those that have visited us. And we are currently begining a broader vision of the need in our beloved US of A.

My wife Sofia conducts Sunday School for 50 to 70 children each Sunday at 10am. She is a graduate of Arts from Colombia, S.A. And also prays, ministers to women in the village we live in. Sofia has been involved in missions since she was 15 years old.

As a couple we have nightly cell groups where we share a devotional and pray with the families in there homes. We have a cell group/devotional time in our property on tuesday and Wednesday nights at 6pm. We also since May 2015 began to disciple 4 pastors and there wives. God has put His hand on this and it has grown to others, praise God.

Key notes in this section:

Generous givers.

Fellowship of the Holy Spirit in California

Couple from Tennessee

:: Here is the history of how this ministry was birth. Written by the founder

I grew up in a christian home. I strongly believe its the healthiest way to live in this life. In 1940's my grandfather accepted Jesus into his heart on the country side in Cuba. American missionaries preached to this difficult man. Since then he began to preach and believed that saving the lost was the most important task he could do. Since then my family and past generations have served God. My mom - Magaly Serrano Escalona was a tremondous evangelist.

I was saved on Nov. 98'. And began a relationship with Jesus Christ. It was all of the sudden in the living room of my home. I had grown up in a christian home and thought I was a christian,just because.. My mom was very loving, and very supportive of me.

Just 3 months after I had that encounter with God, we found out my mom had terminal cancer and was given 3 months to live. The comfort God had given me, birth in me a desire to give to Him back my life, Before this, everything had fallen apart in my life. My career, my goals, Including a long relationship and now this with my mother. But, God met me in the midst of all this just in time. 3 months before! He gave me a new life literally.

Friends like Milton/wife, Robert/wife, Nando, Tony, Rosa. Such pillars in my life. Andres, my home church, The church that formed me under pastor John, God surrounded me with amazing God fearing people. Kevin & Cesar Vargas, Gisela & Edward Vargas the sister I never had, Nivia Rodriguez, just amazing people who saw and witnessed how God began to prepare and saw the begining of this ministry birth.

I assisted an amazing church in Ft. Lauderdale for 8 years. I know now it was my training ground for where I am today and in that church I felt the call for missions. So in 2001 I visited Cuba with Pastor Igor Alonzo's family and 3 other missionaries with a special religious permission. In 2002 I had the opportunity to also visit Guatemala. And this was the trip that did it for me. In the 1st picture below, I met Gabriela in an orphanage and found out she had been abused. The term was new to me, even though I had been working at The Childrens Pyschiatric Center in Miami and United Cerebral Palsy before. Growing up in a Christian home you grow up in a bubble. God's hand is with you. Its amazing, and God was now gently showing me the outside world. (remember this is my story, and what God has done)

I could not comprehend that existed. Especially since it was her own father that had committed this crime.

I returned to Miami and felt I had a call in life a purpose to fulfill. It wasn't my career of computers or administrative work. It was serving God in missions. I began to litterally chase God. Asking Him to please allow me to serve Him officially and all the time. It got so intence that at one point I cried and said "is it that I don't kualify?" . On May 2004 I resigned from my job and began this ministry in August of 2004. God honored me. For me I feel honored to be called to serve such a Holy, Perfect Father especially seeing His trust with the most vunerable, children and the poor.

Since then friends, the poor, those we serve have made me a different person. To see a family with literraly nothing, giving me the food they had planned to eat, just shakes me, my thoughts, my ideas of life. I have learned from them that generousity is a norm to a human being. Trust is a norm, forgiveness, having faith, being sensitive to others that are sick. Now I understand first hand when God says "I have choose you to be poor" James 2:5

I am grateful to God for allowing me to serve him. In May 2006 after a couple of trips to Dominican Republic, taking food and building/donating our 1st home to a very poor family, our team met & we decided to give to another mission & country. Because I noticed ministries would become selfish in that they would only think of there mission. And we wanted to do things the way God would do them. So we set aside our mission in DR and a door was open in a country I Ionged to visit, due to the revival I had heard of for many years. It was Colombia, South America. I had heard back in 2000, that youth meetings were attended by more the 30,000 youth.

I began to look for pastors in Colombia that would host my stay. And a young lady called Sofia was in charge of picking me up and taking me to a young couple that was pastoring a church in a poor town called Saboya in the provincia (state) of Boyaca. These pastors have turn out to be like family. And I am very proud of what God has done in and through them and that we have had a small investment in there lives. Meet pastor Jairo, his wife Milena and children here. And a reference letter by pastor Jairo here

Colombia has been my best ministry/personal experience because it is an intense nation. I got to visit a maximum security prison and was able to minister to a couple of interns and the internal church there. I was able to minister in a Antioquia Drug Rehab center in the city of Tunja with pastor Andres Acero. Read a reference letter by Antioquia here

Oh this was such an enormous experience for me. I grew close to Andres & the interns. It was here were I saw just how strong an addiction can be. Very very sad. I visited the addicts were they would meet to consume at night. At first i was scared, but, went with friends that would minister to them. All a while, Sofia and I became close, we noticed God would use us greatly together. And in December 2008 we married in faith. In faith, because we didn't have the money to pay for the ceremony. Thank God, those that visited, in there gifts, we got the $300. to pay everything involving the ceremony & the after dinner. Friends in Miami supported also towards the wedding. I know many of them shared the joy of me marrying. I had been single for almost 10 years. 10 long years waiting for God's best to come.

We were convinced we would be living in America, but to my surprise in March 2008 God used a friend in Dominican Republica called Candida to assure me God's plan was for me to actually live f/t in the mission in DR. So in June 2008 Sofy traveled from Colombia to DR and I traveled from Miami to DR.

Jorge (founder) with Gabriela in Guatemala 2002.............................................Sofia while our visit to Haiti 20 days after the storm


With Pastor Jairo in his motorcyle. Things like this, I just don't know how
to handle, its bothers me, a pastor with a motorcycle falling apart, needing so desparately a new one to reach those up huge mountains to preach. Making only $10. bucks a month when I met them! as of Jan 2013 God blessed him with a new motorcycle, but they do need help financially each month.

With pastor Ines & Edgardo, we gave them the movie "Facing the Giants" in 08'
these 2 pastors where in our wedding. Amazing pastors, I feel like Paul when
he would get close to those he visited. I miss the people I met in Colombia.
I'm praying for the finances to return (Nov. 2013)

We were divinely invited to our 1st crusade in the coast of Colombia in a town which the streets were of beach sand. Terribly hot and humid. I mean to the point of torture. Thanks to Ricardo Llanos from Miami he donated, actually, as I'm writing, I'm remembering Ricardo told me specifically "Jorge, this money is for you to travel to this town by plane, don't travel by bus"
Well, I did travel by bus, 17 hours! and used Richards money to paint this orphanage

The town was demonically dominated. Here I had my 1st experience to cast out a demon out of a lady called Marisol and met Maribel who was chained up by her mother fearing she was going to kill someone due to mental/demonic activity.

This place above was was 17 hours away on bus from Sofia's city. It is called "Cicuco" We donated to have the above orphanage painted. Below is the only way to reach Cicuco. It reminded me of what I would see on tv of Africa.

Below is the church in Cicuco. The pastors wife, lady in white on rit side of picture. Was prophesied 3 times that someone from America would come to visit her church. The 3rd person that prophesized to her did it on October 28, 2007. Interesting to note, October 28 is the day of my birthday! Amazing how God works! here is a reference letter from this church in Cicuco.

Pastor Jairo and family in 2008, which we also showed the movie "Facing the Giants" Movies like this would never reach places like this. That is why I travel with movies, preachings, because pastors like this have no way of getting fed by others. Til this day, we help them. They have become my family. Love them to death. I met them in May 2006.


This is me preaching in Cicuco one evening.


The men in the drug rehab center and the 3rd photo is Andres Acero. Sadly friends, i got news in 2011 that Andres had fallen back into drugs after being free for 10 years. I cried, it hurt to hear this. When Sofia and I and our baby returned to Colombia in 2011, I was taken to meet with Andres. He was in the worst part of town in Tunja. In the bus station area. It was about 11pm when they would usually arrive. They, meaning Andres and his 1st girlfriend in years a prostitute he met in the streets who would also consume drugs. Now, he was her pimp. I hugged him, told him God was going to bless him more then ever soon. I didn't think of those words, they just came out. I told him I loved him in Christ. He asked me for 2 dollars before I left, this hurt to hear. Plz keep Andres in your prayers. Sofia is in the photograph. She would accompany me everywhere. She is such a trooper! A lady after God's own heart..



This photo below is news that shocked me. I had left 12 cd's from our church titled "From slave to son" I had actually left it with Andres and told him to please share it with his group or a group. He shared it with these women. It turned out to be a mini church started by these cd's! I could not believe just to what extend God can do things, its amazing what He does.