Pastor Linares

Reference letter: The only other church in this village, Pastor Linares
(pictured above) of Assemblies of God church in Juan Santiago, The village we served in. Letter is from 2013

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The present is a reference letter for Jorge Escalona and his wife Olga Sofia Castellanos Gomez missionaries who have
pastored from the United States in the village of Juan Santiago in the province of Elias Piña along with there son Matthew
who was born in Dominican Republic. Mr. Jorge escalona has brought help to this community since 2005.

On May 2006 he brought over a group of 50 youth and pastors from Ft. Lauderdale from the church "Buenas Noticias de Fe" (BNF Church). During that time along with the pastors and in November 2006 I also met his pastor and spiritual covering Christian Garcia of Ekklesia Church Miami. Pastor Chris spoke at our church about the purchase of this ministry land/farm in which God used this servant (me Pastor Linares) so that Jorge and his mission here in Juan Santiago. The land was bought in 2007 and has over 3,000 fruit, vegetable and trees to feed famlies in extreme poverty. Since then they have brought visitors/missionaries, groups, pastors bringing help and medical outreach. The Dominican Armed Forces also brought a medical team in 2009 in which our church assisted along with employees of Scotia Crecer (see pic below) from Santo Domingo.

With his wife and son, Jorge have been living to date 6 years in this community. (letter written 2013) They arrived to the country with there belongings on June 19, 2008 by divine directions from God and a calling on there lives from God. They have a childrens church in which they feed them on Sundays. Nightly Groups for youth and adults every Tuesday and Wednesday. It Is there desire to have an American Clinic for this community in which there is no clinic or hospital nor 911.

They established 2 educational institutions in two towns There desire is also to raise up the health part of this town. Juan Santiago came out in Dominican's mayor newspaper as the poorest municipio in the country. And this help would be of great help and blessing from God for this community. We can see and understand this couple has a calling from God and come on God's behalf with no personal interest. We have seen there "fruit" of there labor here. The community appreciates them very much.

Feel free to contact me;

Manual Jose Canario (Linares) Pastor.

Sofia and I had just moved to Dominican Republic - June 2008, this is inside the ministry farm with Pastor linares and his 2 daughters.

Scotia Bank visiting with the Dominican Armed Forces .



2nd Trip from Scotia Crecer 2 yrs later.


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